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Security measures in Jerusalem ahead of the opening of the US Embassy

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – Thousands of soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces are directed to the border with the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, as well as to Jerusalem, to strengthen security measures in preparation for the opening of the new US embassy on Monday, writes Yediot Aharonot on Sunday.

According to the publication, the southern command of the army is preparing to restrain tens of thousands of Palestinians, who are expected to try to break through the border of the Gaza Strip into Israel.

The IDF expects that among the unarmed demonstrators there will be armed members of the Palestinian Hamas movement who can open fire or make explosions.

The Israeli military admits that the Palestinians will be able to break through the border, but they believe that they will be able to keep the protesters one or two kilometers away and prevent their penetration into Israeli settlements.

Also, security measures are strengthened because of the Jerusalem Day celebrated in Israel on May 13. Celebrations are held in honor of the reunification of Jerusalem after the Six Day War.

In addition, on May 14, Jerusalem will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Jewish state, which coincides with the opening of the US embassy transferred from Tel Aviv.

In Jerusalem, additional detachments of police will be stationed, the motor traffic near the embassy building on Monday will be blocked.

However, on May 15, Palestinians spend the day “Nakba” or “the day of the catastrophe”, which is associated with the loss of their homeland. On this day, as a rule, there are also collisions.

Since late March, the Palestinians have participated in the so-called “return march” along the Palestinian-Israeli border, about 40 people were killed during this time, about 1.7 thousand people were injured.