Senior UAE officials face charges of war crimes in Yemen

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — A British law firm has filed a motion to open a new criminal proceeding against senior UAE officials in three countries, revealing new evidence of extrajudicial killings in Yemen since 2015.

London-based law firm Stoke and White has presented new evidence to authorities in the US, Britain and Turkey on attacks on civilians and members of the Al-Islah party in Yemen.

“This evidence provides compelling legal grounds for authorities to investigate and prosecute under the laws of Universal Jurisdiction in the United Kingdom, United States and Turkey,” said Stoke and White.

Mohamed Dahlan, former Palestinian security chief and chief adviser to the UAE Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, “is believed to have hired American mercenaries to carry out high-profile assassinations against Al-Islah party leaders and MPs “.

“The American mercenaries were given degrees and uniforms and were part of the command structure of the UAE Ministry of Defense,” the British firm said.

Abdullah Sulaiman Abdullah Daubalah, one of the victims represented by the firm, said he had survived a bomb attack as a journalist who targeted his Al-Islah party building in Aden in 2015 and that the order the attack was given by Mohamed Dahlan, an aide to the UAE’s crown prince and a Turkey-wanted terrorist with a red warrant.

Adel Salem Nasser Mofgah, another victim who testifies about the case, said he was tortured at an EBA-controlled center and claimed that other people were tortured there as well.

“The evidence of war crimes and torture in Yemen has been submitted to the United Kingdom Metropolitan Police Service, the US Department of Justice and the Turkish Ministry of Justice,” a statement by Stoke and White reads.

Gülden Sönmez, a lawyer from Turkey, said during a news conference on the case that she represents two Yemeni victims, who are currently refugees in Turkey.

She said the UAE’s crown prince and other officials are among the perpetrators.

Sönmez noted that they have enough evidence to point to Dahlan involvement in the killings in Yemen by mercenaries.

She said they expect the Turkish Ministry of Justice to approve the use of universal jurisdiction to arrest the indictees, as, she stressed, crimes have also been mentioned in UN reports.


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