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Sex scandal raging again Chilean Church

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – The Bishop of Rancagua in Chile has filed a complaint against a priest accused of improper sexual conduct towards a parishioner.

Archbishop Alejandro Goic said in a statement on Saturday: “We filed a complaint with the Santa Cruz prosecutor, with information provided by Channel 13 about Luis Rubio.”

Eliza Fernandez of the city of Paredones, 54-year-old priest Louis Rubio, was accused of sending her photographs in which she appeared naked in September 2017, an investigation on Friday showed.

The girl received the photos on an account she created on Facebook, identifying herself as a 16-year-old minor, to find evidence of inappropriate sexual behavior for Rubio and other priests for at least two years.

Fernandez, who had been a member of the parish for 14 years, said Rubio and 17 other priests were members of a group whose sexual behavior was inappropriate and where they spoke of their sexual desires.

The girl confirms that she informed the Diocese of Goic of these abuses in 2017, but the episcopate did not conduct any investigation.

I admit that I have received this young woman appearing in the investigation, and that I acted afterwards without the necessary flexibility,” Goike said.

A few days before the investigation was broadcast, Rev. Rubio told his chiefs of his “inappropriate behavior”. He was temporarily suspended from the exercise of his functions.

Following a meeting with Pope Francis on Friday, the 34 bishops of the Chilean Catholic Church made their collective resignations because they did not adequately deal with convictions for sexual abuse of children.