Shamanov responded to the words of the State Department about the discrepancy between the goals of Russia and the US in Syria

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe strategic goals of Russia and the United States in Syria can not coincide, as the Western coalition tries to ignore the Russian Federation, belittling its role in resolving the Syrian conflict and acting as a provocation,head of the State Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Shamanov said.

Earlier, US Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell said that Russia’s strategic goals in Syria do not coincide with the US. Mitchell argues that Moscow’s main goals in Syria are not the Syrian people and the stability of the region, but the preservation of their presence in the region.

“Last years demonstrate that they (the goals) can certainly not coincide, because ignoring Russia, as it was in the 1990s, is long past, but they, having formed a coalition of countries, try to belittle Russia’s role and go to every kind of provocative actions that have already gone beyond the reasonable, “Shamanov said.