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Singaporean and Greek tanker collided, provoking a leakage of butane

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – Two tankers collided on Tuesday, April 17 off the coast of Singapore, which led to a leak of hydrocarbon gas butane, media reported.

The collision occurred between the Singaporean ship for transportation of liquefied petroleum gas “Crystal Sunrise” and the Greek tanker “Astro Saturn”.

According to media reports, the incident occurred when a Singapore ship took its pilot near the place where the pilot was supposed to pick up a Greek ship.

As a result of the collision, there are no victims. However, the incident led to a leakage of 1796 tons of butane.

Due to the high rate of evaporation of gas it was decided to move south from the mainland of Singapore, where the gas will dissipate below the level of flammability.

Currently, the leak is stopped.