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South Korea and the US discussed the threats of the DPRK to abandon the dialogue

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áPresidents of South Korea and the US, Moon Zhe Ying and Donald Trump, discussed on Sunday over the phone the response measures to the recent threats of the DPRK to abandon the dialogue, the administration of the head of the South Korean state said.

“Both leaders exchanged views on the reaction recently shown by North Korea,” the report said.
The telephone conversation lasted 29 minutes.

On June 12, Trump is scheduled to meet with DPRK leader Kim Jong-no in Singapore, but Pyongyang has threatened to abandon dialogue with the US if the North Korean state unilaterally attempts to only abandon nuclear weapons without normalizing relations.

Trump and Mun Zhe Ying, as the report of the South Korean administration says, agreed to work closely, including for the successful holding of the US-North Korean summit in Singapore.

As previously reported, on April 27, the meeting between Mun Zhe In and Kim Jong-un took place at the bordering point of Panmunjom. However, last week, the DPRK abolished the ministerial meeting of the two Korean states and threatened to abandon the Kim Jong-un summit with Trump after the US and South Korea launched military exercises directed against the North.

In particular, eight F-22 invisible fighters, intended for striking nuclear and missile targets on the territory of the DPRK, were involved in the exercises for the first time. At the same time, it was decided not to use the B-52 bombers in the exercises.

On the eve of the DPRK, South Korea demanded that 12 ex-waitresses of the Korean restaurant in China be returned, which, according to Pyongyang, were taken to the south of the Korean peninsula against their will. In South Korea, it is assured that individuals from North Korea made a voluntary escape.