SpaceX is accused of the lack of a license to publish images from the Earth’s orbit

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe company Ilona Mask SpaceX problems. The US authorities remembered the law of 1992, according to which the publication of all personnel of the Earth from orbit should be coordinated with a special department. SpaceX, whose cosmic broadcasts are gaining millions of views, it did not, reports The Verge.

The claim against SpaceX was filed by representatives of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA (NOAA).

“SpaceX employees made a huge mistake by publishing a video with the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket with a Tesla vehicle on board,” the agency said.

At the moment, the missile launch record, which took place on February 6, looked more than 21 million times.

On March 30, SpaceX representatives were forced to interrupt the broadcast of the Falcon 9 missile launch with ten telecommunications satellites on board. Direct recording from the scene, which could be viewed on the company’s website, was suddenly interrupted.

Later it turned out that this was done because of NOAA’s claims. The agency fears that the Earth’s cadres from orbit may be in the hands of spies.

Employees of NOAA will check all the videos and photos that SpaceX has published over the past 8 years. On the possible punishment for the company Ilona Mask has not yet said anything.