Spanish court released the leader of the Catalan “Defense Committees of the Republic”

SPAIN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe judge of the Spanish National Court decided to release one of the leaders of the “Committees for the Protection of the Republic” – a Catalan public organization that supports the separation of Catalonia from Spain.

On Thursday, Tamara Carrasco, detained this week in Catalonia, testified before the National Court in Madrid. She is suspected of organizing public unrest.

At the same time Judge Diego de Egea decided to remove the charges of terrorism and organization of the uprising and released her, obliging him to appear once a week in court and banning to leave the territory of Spain. To leave the municipality of Viladecans (Catalonia), where she lives, Carrasco can only with the permission of the court.

In addition, the court decided to arrest another head of the “Committees”, whose name is not reported.

On 10 April, the Civil Guard conducted a series of operations during which several people were detained in connection with the riots in recent weeks in Catalonia, including Tamara Carrasco, to which the investigation assigns responsibility for coordinating the protesters’ actions to block the roads during the Holy Week. The suspect distributed an audio recording on social networks, where she explained the strategy of the committees and stated that protest actions could begin in the ports.

The prosecutor’s office charged her with terrorism and insurrection.