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State German channel ZDF recognized the “chemical attack” in Syrian Duma as fake

GERMANY (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Correspondent of the state German television channel ZDF Uli Gak called the “chemical attack” in the Syrian Duma a staged and fake. A quote from a German journalist is given by Vesti.

Uli Gak personally visited Syria and held many conversations with local residents. According to him, they are completely convinced of the staging and forgery. Moreover, the militants in the Duma during the “training” tested chlorine in public and filmed it on video to later be presented as “evidence”.

“People with conviction say that there have been many similar provocations in the Duma. They also say that during one of the so-called exercises – how to call it differently – people were exposed to chlorine, it was filmed and then published as evidence on April 7, “the German journalist told the state-run television channel.

Uli Gak noted that he himself does not know the truth, but stressed that he absolutely trusts the stories of his Syrian interlocutors.

The fake recording with the consequences of the “chemical attack” from the “White Helmets” became an occasion for the Western countries to inflict a massive missile attack on Syria . The United States, Great Britain and France have fired over 100 missiles in the ATS without waiting for the results of the OPCW’s reports and without any evidence of a gas attack, except for the video of the White Helmets video.