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Strikes in Syria: with what weapons?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – To hit Syria that night, Washington mobilized four long-range bombers and ships, London dispatched four fighters while Paris sent five frigates and hired fighter jets, reports Sputnik.

To hit Syria , the United States last night mobilized four long-range B-1B Lancer bombers , stationed at the El-Udeid base in Qatar, as well as three ships deployed in the Red Sea, reports CNN chain citing military sources.

According to the media, the B-1B Lancer were equipped with JASSM air-ground cruise missiles with a range of 370 km. In fact, they were able to target targets without entering the area of ​​activity of Syrian FCOs.

CNN sources do not specify where the B-1B took off, but the channel recalls the images broadcast by the media in early April that showed bomber arriving in Qatar.

For its part, the British Ministry of Defense said that the United Kingdom had involved in the strikes four Tornado GR4 fighter aircraft with Storm Shadow missiles with a range of 400 km. The aircraft took off from the Royal Air Force Akrotiri base in Cyprus to hit sites in Homs, where London is believed to have been stockpiled with chemical weapons.

Paris, for its part, used three FREMM multi-mission frigates, an anti-aircraft frigate and an anti-submarine frigate. The frigates were equipped with missile launchers MdCN (naval cruise missile) whose range reached 1,000 km. Five Rafale, four Mirage 2000-5 , and two AWACS detection aircraft were also engaged. According to Reuters, a FREMM frigate fired three missiles and the Rafale launched nine.

France has also posted on Twitter images showing the takeoff of Rafale to participate in the operation in Syria.

The United States, the United Kingdom and France attacked military infrastructure sites in Syria during the night of 13-14 April. The allies fired more than 100 missiles (last year, the Syrian military airfield Shayrat had already been attacked by 59 missiles) most of which were shot at the approach of their objectives.

Justifying its actions, Washington and its allies claimed that the strikes were a response to the alleged chemical attack in the city of Douma.

The Syrian authorities have always denied this attack, while the Russian Defense Ministry said it was staged.