Submarines that can destroy humanity

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Five types of nuclear submarines, existing or being designed at present, can destroy humanity or bring it closer to the end of the world, their list is given by The National Interest.

The authors of the article recall that in the midst of the Cold War, an American Ohio-type submarine was able to “turn up to 288 targets the size of a city into radioactive ashes in less than half an hour.”

Another formidable submarine publication calls the American prospective nuclear submarine type “Columbia”, the construction of which should begin in 2020.

The publication also mentions the “quietest Russian submarine with ballistic missiles” – a submarine of project 955A Borei-A with R-30 Bulava missiles on board, a Russian submarine of project 667BDRM Dolphin equipped with Sineva ballistic missiles, and a submarine project 885M “Ash” with cruise missiles ZM-14 complex “Caliber”.

Earlier, The National Interest wrote that missiles from Russian nuclear submarines of the Borey project are capable of making America “uninhabited,” even if other Russian nuclear forces are destroyed “at the first strike”.

Currently, according to the state armament program, in the interests of the Russian Navy it is planned to build eight submarines of the Borey class. Three of them were built and joined the fleet: “Yuri Dolgoruky”, “Alexander Nevsky” and “Vladimir Monomakh”. The fourth submarine, “Prince Vladimir,” is undergoing sea trials.


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