Suffering from a Chinese recovered from the emerging coronavirus

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — A young Chinese man, Xiao Yao, has lived three weeks of terror with his newly infected Coronavirus, since his body temperature rose for the first time until he was treated in a field hospital before recovering.

When and where did the Covid-19 virus catch? The 27-year-old says he has no idea.

However, he is highly suspicious of a trip in late January on a train packed with passengers for the Lunar New Year celebrations at his home in Jingju.

In this small town located in Hubei Province (center), the epicenter, the young man spent the night of January 24 with his friend’s family.

“Suddenly, my body became very hot. I started to feel panic,” he told AFP.

The new Corona virus was making headlines in the media. His acquaintances who live in Wuhan, where the virus first appeared in December, tell him terrible stories about infected people.

“I didn’t want to go to the hospital. I used to tell myself that (the hospital) is the best place to catch the virus if I haven’t caught it yet,” explains Xiaoyao.

His first reaction was to stay away from his friend’s son not to pass the infection on to him.

The young man wanted to return to his parents’ house in the neighboring city. However, it was impossible because large sections of Hubei Province were placed de facto in quarantine and the road leading to the house was closed.

A bat in the hotel.

So Xiao Yao decided to sleep in a hotel.

He spent nearly a week in the hotel. He only ate instant noodles because the shops and restaurants nearby closed their doors.

The young man took medicines to reduce his body temperature and consulted a doctor online. The doctor told him that he might have respiratory infections.

“I was really aghast. I thought of calling the police so the local authorities would come to help me,” says Xiaoyao. He says he eventually abandoned the idea because he was not sure he had caught the Covid-19 virus.

One night, the young man thought he had hallucinations when he saw something fly in the hotel room.

The next morning, he discovered that there was a bat in the room, the bird that scientists suspect is the source of the virus that has infected more than 75,000 people in China.

Finally, the authorities closed the hotel. Suffering from a strong cough, Xiao Yao returned to his friend’s house, whose body temperature was high at this time.

They decided to go together to a field hospital set up in a factory because of the epidemic. Received treatment with antivirals and traditional Chinese medicines.

On February 4, he was diagnosed with fear: Xiao Yao was infected with the newest coronavirus.

No towels.

She endured the suffering despite the harsh conditions in the hospital. “I could not shower for more than twenty days,” he says. “There were not even towels.”

“There was an aroma of food that made me want to vomit.”

There were also rumors about him in his friend’s town.

“People used to say that my body was cremated or even that my friend had intentionally invited me to pass the virus on to the locals,” he says.

“Psychologically, I was really in poor shape. My friend got injured because of me and his family was quarantined …”

Xiao Yao was finally able to leave the hospital on Wednesday after his negative medical results showed that he was HIV positive, indicating that he is recovering. The authorities transferred him to a quarantine center, where he is supposed to stay for a few days.

Like previous patients, he said he wanted to donate blood in order to extract plasma from him as part of an experimental treatment for HIV patients.

The young man intends to leave his job in a media outlet in Chengdu (southwest) and to return to live near his family.

“I no longer want to face the difficulties of life far away from here,” he says.


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