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Sun is preparing a new attack on Earth

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – The sun is preparing a new attack on Earth – the planet will be covered by a powerful geomagnetic storm.

Weather forecasters recommend that meteozavisimyh people be extremely cautious, because the pressure can be a record low.

In addition, another storm is approaching Moscow in Russia. In the next few hours, storm rains fall on the capital, and wind gusts will reach 17 meters per second.

In just a day in the capital will drop to 20 percent of the monthly rainfall rate, flooding is possible.

– Sun –

As reported by ” Izvestia” , referring to the laboratory of X-ray astronomy of the Sun of the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a spot of hundreds of thousands of kilometers was found on the Sun.

And, according to scientists, the most active region is near the center of the star.

Experts believe that such spots are the centers of large solar flares and provoke the formation of strong electric currents.

“If in the next few days there will not be any events that will rebuild the magnetic configuration, then the area, rotating with the Sun, will disappear behind the horizon without any consequences,” the laboratory experts stated.

At the same time, scientists noted that, despite the huge size and energy, a single flash did not occur within a few days of the spot’s existence.