Syria: First phase of the removal of militants from Yarmouk camp just starts

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Syrian SANA agency confirmed that five buses carrying about 200 armed men with their families left the Yarmouk refugee camp as part of the implementation of the first phase of the agreement to remove the militants from the camp.

According to the official Syrian agency, the agreement also includes the liberation of the residents of Kafria and al-Wafa’a, who are trapped by the gunmen in two stages.

At dawn of the day, 22 buses headed to the villages of Kufriya and al-Fu’a in the countryside of Idlib to liberate those trapped there.

The buses are scheduled to transport 1500 trapped residents in the towns of Kafria and Al-Fo’a in the first phase of the agreement towards the Al-Ais crossing and then towards the Jabrin temporary residence center on the eastern outskirts of Aleppo.

A unit of the Syrian army has been in the morning since the morning of the passage for buses to Yarmouk camp to remove the militants by removing the dirt barriers, which closed the armed groups of street entrances and residential neighborhoods on the outskirts of the camp.