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Syria: France, sponsor of the strikes of the American-French-British trio

FRANCE / SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –¬†While in the French army, voices rise to protest against the total alignment of Emmanuel Macron on the militarist policy of Donald Trump, we remember the resignation of the former chief of staff , General De Villiers, which marked the beginning of a new era for France: the end of the national army, its transformation into an army on pay.

Against a backdrop of tension over France’s participation alongside the US and Britain in strikes against Syria, General Andr√© Lanata, Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CEMAA ) went too far to say that it was France that had command of the allied air raid on the night of Friday 13 to Saturday 14 April in Syria.

“France has planned and coordinated the British air raids as well as the firing of cruise missiles by the United States,” he added.

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Francois Lecointre personally controlled all air strikes and missile attacks towards targets in Syria.

General Lanata said that the French fighter planes took off in the evening of April 13 from several bases in France for ten hours of mission to a place located 7000 kilometers away. He claims that this proves “the will” and “the categorical and firm decision” of France.

The statements of General Lanata intervene while the French political class remains divided on the strikes ordered by Emmanuel Macron against Syria and some voices go as far as calling for the dismissal of the president.

As a reminder, three Western Allied countries, the United States, France and Great Britain conducted Saturday air strikes against Syrian territory, without the confirmation of the Security Council of the UN or the authorization of their Parliaments. Of the 101 missiles fired, 71 were intercepted by the Syrian DCA. The attack came on the day international inspectors were expected in Syria to examine Western allegations of an alleged chemical attack in Duma.

A scientific research center in Damascus and an arms warehouse in Homs are among the targets attacked by the Western coalition led by the United States.

The US administration and its two allies spent a total of $ 145 million of their taxpayers’ money to target the bases in Syria that had already been destroyed before the strikes of April 14, according to the spokesman of the Russian staff.