Syria: Israel loses first round

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –¬†For his first trip to the Middle East, the new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is far from doing in lace.

The Sunday morning, April 29, missile strike against military targets in Aleppo and Hama, followed the collapse of the last bastions of Washington’s takfirist mercenaries in southern Damascus and the massive assault on Iraq.

Syrian army and its allies against the positions of US Kurdish mercenaries on the east bank of the Euphrates.

Indeed, this strike that some sources claim to have been launched not from the Lebanese sky, but from the bases located in Jordan (the information is not confirmed, Ed) coincided with two events both political and military : the resumption of the Eastern Ghouta ten days ago and thus the security of the Syrian capital and then the advance of the Syrian army to Hajar al-Aswad and Yarmouk, the last two bastions of Daesh in the south of the capital and then, the first tour of the new US Secretary of State in the region that led him to both Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan. From the first hour of his arrival in Arabia, Pompeo declared war on Iran by asserting the need to create an “anti-Iranian” coalition

For the rest, this coalition should also send forces in northern Syria as has already done France or Britain. But Israel also has another mission: three weeks after firing missiles against the T4 airport in Homs, Tel Aviv was to repeat: In Q4, seven Iranian military advisers were killed.

In Aleppo and Homs, Israel wanted to kill more. For what purpose? Push Iran to leave Syria? Of course not since both Americans and Israelis know that Iran is in Syria because it is the Syrian state that asks for it and will stay there until Damascus asks it. Israel’s mission is to provoke Iran to unleash a total war as the United States wants.

Since April 9 and the missile strike against T4, not a day goes by without Israel fearing the Iranian response. On April 29, he mistakenly thought he could decide the time and place of the Iranian response. At a time when the axis of the Resistance is about to reap the benefits of its military victories in both Lebanon and Iraq, it is not advisable to lose your temper and react to “provocations”.

After all, Iranians are considered the inventors of chess and know the rules very well, much better than the Israelis. The Tel Aviv regime has lost a first round.