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Syria: Israel the great loser of the war

ISRAEL (OBSERVATORY) –┬áRai al-Youm editorialist Abdel Bari Atwan believes that Israel is afraid of drones and Iranian missiles.

The strikes of the trio USA / France / Great Britain, launched on April 14, have ended without the tension is losing its intensity.Tel-Aviv has put on alert his troops on the northern front to know about the borders with Lebanon and Syria.

The missile attack on al-Shayrat airport in Homs is, according to many analysts, the prelude to a possible future confrontation between Israel and Iran. It is probably in this sense that one should understand the vast deployment of Israeli troops in the occupied Golan and on the borders with Lebanon.

In his article, Atwan claims that the war between Israel and the Resistance axis began in the 2000s: if it ended in the failure of the Israeli army in 2006, this war did not take place. is never really stopped and as the New York Times reporter Thomas Loren Friedman predicts, it could now turn into a direct one-on-one.

An Israel / Iran clash could not leave the United States and Russia indifferent even though both parties show restraint.

With a Trump presidency in line with Israeli interests, Netanyahu has every interest in waging war as soon as possible before Trump’s repetitive scandals defeat him.

One thing is certain: Hezbollah, like Iran, which has just lost military advisers in Homs, is already preparing their response: thousands of missiles, combat drones and kamikaze drones are widely on the menu. It is unclear whether the information is true or not, but Israeli sources say that the commander-in-chief of the Quds Force, General Soleïmani, would himself be leading the response operations against Israel.