Syria: militants will leave without fighting their last stronghold in Homs

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe agreement with the radicals provides for their withdrawal from the north of the Syrian governorate of Homs and south of that of Hama.

Those wishing to stay in the area will be subject to the rehabilitation procedure, informs the local press.

The radicals will withdraw without fighting from the north of Homs governorate as well as from the south of Hama governorate. The agreement in question was finalized between the Syrian government and the leaders of illegal armed groups and this not without the assistance of the Russian Center for the reconciliation of conflicting parties in Syria, informs the Sana agency.

“According to preliminary information, an evacuation agreement from the north of Homs governorate and southern Hama governorate has been reached,” the source said.

Under the agreement, the radicals will hand over all heavy and medium weapons to the Syrian army within 48 hours after the agreement is signed. Then, all Islamists and members of their families opposed to the truce will be evacuated to Idlib and Jarablus within three days.

Those who decide to stay will be able to do it through the procedure of rehabilitation, specify the agency.

In addition, she informs, the Radicals have agreed to hand over to the government troops maps of minefields and stores of weapons and explosives.

Once the operation is completed, the traffic on the highway connecting Homs to Hama will reopen for the first time in six years, is still indicated.