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Syria: Pentagon tries to convince Trump to carry out a limited attack

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe American newspaper The Los Angeles Times has published on Tuesday, April 10 an article entitled “While Trump is considering a military action against Syria, the Pentagon fears that this would jeopardize the Russian soldiers.” Here is a part of this article …

“While Pentagon policymakers are preparing a possible military response to an alleged chemical attack in Syria, a concern deserves to be taken into account: could US air strikes inadvertently kill Russian soldiers in Syria? Which could turn this conflict into a direct confrontation between Washington and Moscow …

The chances of such an incident would increase if President Trump ordered a major bombing, involving not only Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from US Navy ships stationed off the coast – as he had done. Last year after another chemical attack – but also bombers and other fighter planes to hit several targets in Syria, we learned from current and former Pentagon officials.

Although President Trump has declared that he will take a final decision within 24 to 48 hours, the launching of a military offensive by the United States could be postponed, after the Syrian government has authorized weapons inspectors to go to Syria to investigate a chemical attack that left about 50 dead in the rebel-controlled city of Duma, especially since the Pentagon and US allies need to enough time to mobilize their military forces.

It is clear that neither Moscow nor Washington want a direct conflict in Syria. The United States has about 2,000 soldiers in Syria, deployed mainly in the north of the country where they support Kurdish troops. The Pentagon uses a direct line from its air base in Qatar to ensure that US and Russian planes avoid any collision in the Syrian skies.

Pentagon officials are likely to urge Donald Trump to target the factories where Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces are preparing chlorine and other chemical agents used against rebels and civilians. “The Pentagon will likely target Syrian security units [which it accuses of being behind the Duma attack] by helicopters that will drop bombs, as well as the Assad regime’s facilities, instead of launching a major campaign. bombing, “said Ilan Goldenberg, a Syrian expert at the Center for a New American Security, a Washington-based policy analysis organization.

Pentagon officials also want to avoid informing Russia about the moment or the targets of the air attack, fearing that Moscow will transmit the information to Assad’s forces to help them shoot down US fighter jets. United and their allies.”