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Syria should return to peaceful life: why did Russia destroy US plans

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – Secretary General of the Council of National Defense (SNO) of Venezuela Pascualino Anghiololio told RIA Novosti that Russia has destroyed plans of the United States of America for the fragmentation of the Syrian Arab Republic :

“Without any doubt, Russia’s actions are aimed at frustrating the US plan … to achieve a strategic goal. <…> Russia’s commitment to cooperate in the fight against international terrorism was indeed based on preventing the destabilizing attempts of a state from another continent to finance groups that eventually become terrorist.”


As reported by Federal News Agency (FAN))statements about the destructive role of the United States of America in the Syrian conflict were voiced at the conference of foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran, which was held in Moscow yesterday.

“The role played by the US in Syria is a destructive role. As we have seen in recent months, this is a provocation of disagreements between different ethnic groups, the use of different groups. Therefore, if someone talks about a destructive role and must answer for it, then this is the US government, “Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said after the meeting.

Sergey Lavrov also touched on in his final statement the topic of the negative influence of the United States and its allies on the process of political settlement in the Syrian Arab Republic :

“… an illegal attack on Syria on April 14, carried out by the United States, France and Great Britain, was carried out under an absolutely far-fetched pretext, without waiting for the experts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to begin their work, this attack, of course, threw back efforts to promote a political process”.

These statements to the Federal News Agency (FAN) commented on the political scientist and independent journalist Alexander Asafov :

“It is necessary to make public not only the western version of what is happening, which is maximally verified in terms of compliance, again, Western categories of understanding of” justice “,” democracy “and other things. This version constantly sounds in the media, so, of course, it is necessary to talk about what is really happening in Syria, including representatives of countries that are outside the process, as, for example, the secretary general of the SNO of Venezuela. Obviously, this in any case adds productivity to foreign policy processes, which, unfortunately, degrade and become a field for propaganda exercises that provide exclusively selfish political and economic goals for Western powers.”

The expert noted that, nevertheless, Russia does not have the goal of counteracting, facilitating or somehow influencing the plans of the Americans:

“This is beyond our area of ​​interest. Russia operates on the basis of other categories. Russia helps fight international terrorism, protects the peaceful life of the Syrian people, their right to self-determination, their right to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their country, as discussed at yesterday’s meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran. And political decisions, a decision on how to live, this is everything for the Syrian people, as it should be. Syria should not live on anyone’s plans: neither by Russian, nor by American, nor by European. ”

The interlocutor of the FAN stressed that the Syrian people should choose their own way, their way to the future:

“And Russia defends its right to this, not allowing to manipulate Syria for the sake of someone’s financial, political or military interests. Counteraction to American plans, of course, exists, but not because it is the goal. The goal is to protect the Syrian people and help them return to peaceful life in the course of the political process of peaceful settlement.”

The expert explained why Iran now takes the position voiced by Mohammad Javad Zarif the day before :

“It is quite clear to Iran that all those methods that the United States united coalition applies to Syria, all these patterns, instruments, all this work of intelligence and armies, foreign political pressure will be applied to Iran in parallel or immediately after the Americans achieve some kind of progress in Syria . Iran understands this very clearly. Therefore, he remains an active participant in the process of establishing a peaceful life in Syria and declares his position on the inadmissibility of interference in the sovereign affairs of countries in the Middle East.”

Alexander Asafov recalled that one of the main goals that the US is trying to achieve in the Middle East is to control oil and gas fields:

“And this provides for a complete reformatting of countries, regardless of the interests of local residents, the interests of peoples who live in this space. To ensure effective access to the wealth of this region, Americans are ready to draw boundaries, overthrow legitimately elected governments, bet on various destructive political forces, regardless of their qualities.”

According to the FAN interlocutor , the most important thing for the United States is to fulfill its economic goals:

“This is evident to many participants in the international political process. Those who, one way or another, have come into contact with the American image of politics, with the American way of doing things, eyes are open. They state the obvious fact that the Americans do not need peace in Syria , they do not need the peaceful peaceful life of the Syrian people, they do not need the issues that exist on the political agenda in Syria to be resolved during the talks. They need to achieve their goals.”

The expert summed up that the role of Russia, including the Astana process, which already lasts 16 months, is to help the Syrian people to settle their problems, and not to tell the Syrians how they should live, not plan to plunder Syria and other countries:

“And there is a significant difference in approaches, because Americans believe the whole world to be their territory from which they must extract resources in order to ensure their well-being. And Russia sees in all countries, regardless of their size, the economic indicators and power of the army, equal partners in the world hostel, who should equally participate in life on Earth. This is the conceptual difference, and therefore, helping countries of good intentions, willingly or unwillingly violate American plans.”