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Syria: the paradox in the French way

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – In an interview with the Russian newspaper, Kommersant, the French ambassador in Moscow, said his country was no longer interested in sidelining Syrian President Bashar Assad from power and that France would not considered it more as a prelude to the end of the clashes in Syria.

Paris does not plan to decide instead of the Syrian people, said Sylvie Bermann who added that there was no question of demanding the unconditional departure of Bashar al-Assad from office. However, she expressed Paris concern about the resumption of control of areas by Syrian government forces.

She listed the priorities of France to say that the guarantee of the delivery of humanitarian aid, the search for a political outcome involving all parties to conflict in Syria and the fight against terrorism are part of it.

This position of France in the Syrian crisis comes as the trio US-France-British hit the April 14 positions of the government of Damascus.

The United States and its allies accuse Damascus of having resorted to the chemical weapon without presenting evidence and documents in support of their allegations.