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Syria: Western trio plan to change the balance of power in eastern Ghouta

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe former ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Jordan said the Washington, London and Paris missile attacks on Syria were aimed at preventing the entire liberation of eastern Ghouta and changing the balance of power in the region. this strategic region.

The United States, the United Kingdom and France attacked Syria by referring to non-authentic documents purporting to prove the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army in Duma. The attack provoked an indignant reaction from the United Nations as well as Iran and Russia, widely implicated in the fight against terrorism in Syria.

For Moscow and Tehran, “this tripartite attack based on unfounded evidence could complicate the situation in Syria and undermine all efforts to resolve the crisis.”

In the process, the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran said in a meeting with many state officials that the attack was a blatant aggression. He also stressed that the behavior of the United States was explained by their failures as well as those of their allies in the region.

In an exclusive interview with the Iranian news agency Iqna, the former ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Jordan, currently an international affairs analyst, Ahmad Dastmalchian, painted a picture of the goals the US was following, the United Kingdom and France in their military aggression against Syria.

“This tripartite strike aimed to prevent the entire liberation of Eastern Ghouta and to unbalance the balance of power in this strategic suburb of Damascus. Washington, London and Paris wanted to prevent the breakthrough of Bashar al-Assad’s forces. In addition, this trio intended to show an image opposite to the positive results of the Istanbul conference. However, the conspiracy was met with strong reaction from public opinion in the region and inside the United States, and it was choked in the bud. We must not forget that US President Donald Trump had already forced Saudi Arabia to finance this attack,” said Dastmalchian.