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Syrian activists reported on Daesh withdrawal from southern Damascus – army denied

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áSyrian opposition activists have announced the withdrawal of a group of armed militants from their enclave on the southern outskirts of Damascus, despite the Syrian army’s refusal to reach an agreement with the terrorist group.

The news agency “Reuters” today, activists from the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in Britain, confirmed that a group of gunmen left the last pocket under the control of armed factions in western Syria, which includes the Black Stone area and solidarity and the Yarmouk camp, These militants.

There has been no official comment on the news.

The Observatory has stated that a state of calm and calm prevails in the fighting zone between the government forces and “Daash” in the south of Damascus since Saturday afternoon, with the cessation of artillery shelling, air and missile and confrontations and shooting in all axes, amid anticipation of reaching a final agreement and full includes Evacuation of the area from the elements of “da’ash” and transfer them to a destination that is likely to be the Syrian desert.

The RT correspondent in Damascus reported yesterday that the elements of “Dahesh” in the south of the capital expressed their desire to surrender without resistance and asked to allow them to withdraw, explaining that the official announcement of reaching an agreement has not yet been because of the lack of determination of where the militants will go.

A Syrian military source denied to SANA news agency.