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Syrian army advancing south of Damascus

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áMedia sources reported that the Syrian army continues to advance against the positions of militants “Daash” within the framework of a terrorist operation carried out in the Black Stone area south of the capital Damascus.

The official SANA agency said government forces continued to bombard terrorist positions in the area, while the pro-government Central Military Information Center (MLC) reported yesterday that the army and its allies had tightened control of the entire Zayn district between the Black Stone and Yilda town during confrontations with militants.

RT published a video showing aspects of the Syrian army’s operations in the Black Stone.

The newspaper “Al Watan” Syrian that the militants are still targeting residential areas in the capital, where a shell landed in the vicinity of the neighborhood of Zahra, without information about the injuries so far.

For their part, opposition activists from the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” reported that clashes between the Syrian army and the “Sham Liberation Organization” fighters, which form the “front of victory” spine on the northern outskirts of the Yarmouk camp adjacent to the Black Stone, where government forces were able to achieve more Progress and control of residential blocks, buildings and sites of organization.