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Syrian army calls on civilians to leave northern Homs countryside and southern Hama

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – Syrian army helicopters dropped leaflets calling on civilians in the northern Homs countryside and Hama al-Janubi to leave armed positions in a sign that a military operation is approaching to end the armed presence in the area.

The Syrian military media said that the army helicopters threw leaflets calling on civilians to leave towards the Syrian army barriers to save their lives.

He pointed out that the army will provide all civilians leaving the region with the necessary food and medical assistance.

The towns of Homs and Hama are controlled by several armed organizations, the largest of which is the Sham Liberation Organization (formerly Nasra Front).

It is important to note that a military operation began in the western peaceful area of ​​south-eastern Hama a few days ago and was suspended Wednesday after a four-day truce to make way for a certain settlement, but the gunmen broke the truce on Saturday, which called for the return of the military operation strongly.