Syrian Army discovered a facility used for making toxic biochemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – Units of the Syrian army found during the follow-up to mopping-up operations in the towns recovered by the army in the eastern Ghouta found large warehouse included an informant for the manufacture of toxic materials and plant improvised explosive devices and missiles in the Ofteras area in the countryside of Damascus.

According to the SANA, quoting a military source said that “during the combing operations in the area of ​​Aftris in the eastern Ghouta was found a laboratory of remnants of terrorist organizations in the town of Aftris equipped to manufacture toxic materials of all kinds and is equipped with various equipment for the process of manufacturing and mixing powders in the manufacture of weapons Taboo.”

The source pointed out that “the terrorist organizations that were located in the area of ​​Aftris relied mainly on toxic and chemical materials and one of the most important materials found in one of the manufacturing workshops chlorine placed in special containers of the type “hydrox”

In addition to the presence of chemical equipment included a suit Chemical “socks, coat and protective masks” worn by the worker in the manufacture of these toxic substances in addition to the impurities of the process of mixing and mixing according to the degree of concentration to be used.

The military source pointed out that “among the workshops found during the combing operations in the area of ​​Aftris large factory prepared and equipped to manufacture missiles of different caliber 60, 80 and 180 in addition to the posts of cannon and cannon 37 and a number of improvised explosive devices and miscellaneous ammunition.