Syrian forces take full control over Duma; the last rebel stronghold in the eastern Ghouta

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – Syrian government forces take full control over Douma, the last rebel stronghold in the eastern Ghouta enclave outside Damascus, Russian news agencies reported on Thursday, citing a Russian military official.

Head of the Center for reconciliation of the warring parties, Major-General Yury Yevtushenko said that the army of the SAR was able to establish full control over the Syrian Duma.

Thus, government forces now control the entire East Ghouta.

“Today there was a landmark event in the history of the Syrian Arab Republic, an impressive state flag over the building of the city of the Duma marked control over this settlement, and consequently – over Eastern Ghouta as a whole,” Yevtushenko said.

It is also noted that units of the Russian military police will begin to operate in the city, which will maintain law and order.

In addition, the Center for Reconciliation is completing the operation to withdraw militants and their families from the Duma.