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Syrian military found US-made missiles in the arsenal of militants in Al-Dumayr

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – The government army found a large number of militant weapons in the Syrian city of Dumayr, northeast of Damascus, including American-made missiles, the Syrian national agency SANA reports referring to its military correspondent.

“Army detachments during the combing of the Dumeir settlement confiscated large quantities of weapons, ammunition and military equipment belonging to the” Jays al-Islam “militants * in the area of ​​El-Mahatta in the south of the settlement,” the agency said.

It is noted that among the weapons were homemade missiles, the Grad rocket fire system, a large number of missile shells, mortars, dozens of improvised explosive devices, RPG shells, several US-made TOW missiles, cartridges with explosives, remote detonators and missile launch platforms handicraft production.

The Syrian army also found premises belonging to the “Jays al-Islam” militants, including workshops for the production of improvised explosive devices and missiles and basements that served as a prison.

The situation in Doumayr

The government forces regained control over the strategically important city of Dumeir in the northeast of Damascus after all the militants of the radical group, Jays al-Islam, were removed from there.

The city of Dumeir is considered the largest settlement in Eastern Kalamun. This settlement was the center of supply and control of the whole area of ​​Eastern Kalamun.

A few days ago, the fighters “Jays al-Islam” in Doumayre started surrendering weapons. Since April 19, about five thousand people, including members of the group and members of their families, began to leave the city. They went to Jarablus in the north of Syria (Aleppo province). After the evacuation of all militants, it is planned to clear the settlement from mines.