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Tasty and healthy: 14 low-calorie foods

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThere are no products that would not contain calories at all, but there are products that you can eat as much as you want and do not be afraid of gaining weight.

In general, these products include fruits and vegetables. They have low caloric content, they contain a lot of water, as well as fiber, which allows you to feel saturated.

Below we will talk about 14 such products.


Almost 95% of the celery is made up of water. However, this is one of the most healthy vegetables.

Celery contains substances such as potassium, folic acid, fiber, and 30% of the daily norm of vitamin K.

Caloric content of celery is extremely low – only 6 calories.

It is recommended to eat it fresh, because after 5-7 days after buying it loses a lot of useful substances.


Cabbage is another low-calorie product that contains only 33 calories.

However, it contains almost 3 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of fiber.

This is one of the few products containing omega-3 fatty acids, which are mainly found in fish.

As in many other vegetables, cabbage has a lot of vitamins.


Blueberries are considered one of the best antioxidants.

It has more antioxidants than fruits. If we talk about the fiber content, then it contains 14% of the daily fiber norm.

At the same caloric content is also low – only about 85 calories.


They are almost entirely composed of water and contain only 16 calories per serving.

Seeds and peel have the greatest nutritional value, so it is better to eat uncooked cucumbers.

The peel contains fiber and vitamin A, useful for the eyes.


Tomatoes are known for containing the substance lycopene, which helps fight chronic diseases, and also gives the tomato a red color.

In addition, tomatoes contain vitamins A, C, B2, as well as folic acid, chromium, potassium and fiber. Calorie content is only 25 calories.


Studies show that if you regularly eat grapefruit, then you can lose weight.

Therefore, grapefruits are considered a truly dietary product.

The fact that in grapefruit is a lot of fiber, so they give a sense of satiety, stabilize blood sugar, and also contribute to the fact that you feel full for a long period of time.

In one half of the grapefruit contains only 50 calories.

In addition, the fruit is rich in vitamin C, which reduces the risk of diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

In addition, it improves digestion and lowers cholesterol in the blood.


Broccoli is best eaten raw or after steaming.

It contains substances that destroy carcinogenic chemicals that enter our body with food or from the environment.

In addition, broccoli contains vitamins A, C, E, and K. One serving of broccoli contains approximately 20% of the daily dietary fiber.


Cantaloupe, or cantaloupe, is rich in vitamin A, which is good for the eyes.

In addition, there is also a lot of vitamin C, as in other fruits.

It is 90% water, and its calorie content is only 55 calories per serving.


It is a very useful and nutritious product.

Cauliflower contains antioxidants and other useful substances that help fight chronic diseases.

In addition, cauliflower is rich in fiber, as well as vitamins C and K.

One serving contains only 25 calories.


You can talk endlessly about how useful the blackberry is to our body. Like many berries, it is rich in vitamin C, as well as antioxidants.

In addition, the blackberry improves digestion, allows you to keep vivacity, and also has a beneficial effect on the skin.


Different kinds of salad contain from 10 to 20 calories in one portion.

In addition, lettuce contains a lot of protein, vitamins and nutrients such as folic acid, iron, vitamins A and C.


Most of us know that oranges are rich in vitamin C. However, besides this, oranges have many other useful properties.

Since vitamin C is involved in the production of collagen, oranges contribute to the fact that our skin looks healthy and young.

In addition, oranges are low in calories. The medium-sized orange contains only 80 calories.


In one portion of strawberry, there is more vitamin C than in one orange. In addition, there are many antioxidants in strawberries.

Strawberry is also rich in potassium and fiber, does not contain fat and cholesterol. Thus, it is very useful for the heart.

One glass of strawberries contains about 50 calories.

White Muscat melon

In this form of melon, only a little more calories than in cantaloupe – 64.

Most of these calories account for 14 grams of natural sugar, which is contained in this fruit.

It also contains the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and copper, which is important for skin health.