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Technologies: 35 forecasts for 2018

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – The team of experts BI Intelligence Research Team prepared a list of forecasts in the field of technology for 2018. Experts made 5 forecasts in 7 different areas of technology development. Below we will describe them in more detail.

Internet of things: 5 forecasts

The Internet of things came to the fore in 2017 and is now used in various sectors.

In particular, the distribution of “smart” speakers, technology “smart” home.

Based on the trends that were observed in 2017, the experts made 5 forecasts for 2018.

1. Google and other companies will follow the example of Amazon and present “smart” speakers with a screen.

Experts believe that in the future the screens will be present on all the main models of “smart” speakers.

2. More than 50 million new devices for the “smart” home will be delivered only in the US in 2018.

At present, devices for smart home systems have inflated prices and are quite difficult to manage.

However, “smart” speakers solve most of the problems, one way or another related to these systems.

Experts predict that in 2018, about 55 million smart home devices will be installed in American homes, which will be managed with the help of “smart” speakers.

3. Markets of “smart” columns will be divided on the basis of local languages.

“Intelligent” columns are becoming more common in markets such as India, as well as in countries of South-East Asia.

Players in these markets will have to significantly change the system of “smart” columns to adjust it to local languages.

4. Operators of geographically distributed networks of reduced capacity will receive $ 1 billion.

These networks are necessary for connection with devices of “smart”

Companies like AT & T and Verizon are striving to occupy this niche ahead of competitors in order to gain a larger market share.

5. Western governments will hold hearings to study the standards of using the Internet of things for household appliances.

Devices for the “smart” home, experts emphasize, are very vulnerable to hacker attacks.

That’s why experts predict that the authorities of many countries, including major European countries such as France and Germany, will have to study this issue in detail.

Such hearings can be a prerequisite for the development of regulations and legislation that would regulate the use of the Internet of things.

Digital Media: 5 Forecasts

In 2017, consumers spent more time, and advertisers – more money, on digital media than ever before.

At the same time, traditional formats remained unchanged or showed signs of deterioration of the situation.

Companies Google and Facebook still retain their leadership in this area, since it is to them that the majority of advertising revenue comes.

Based on these and other factors, experts have compiled a list of 5 main forecasts in the field of digital media in 2018.

1. There will be a turning point for mobile video: more users will demand high-quality content, new models of revenue generation will be tested.

2. Generation Z will become the main consumer, and it will be focused on it.

Generation Z are young people who were born between 1996 and 2011.

The oldest of them is now 22, and they are just starting to work.

In the US, the Z generation will account for 40% of consumers by 2020.

That is why understanding their behavior and desires is a priority for many companies.

3. Digital publishers will seek to diversify sources of income, paying attention to new models, in addition to advertising.

Digital publishers will expand the sources of revenue – this is e-commerce, and subscriptions, and licenses for brands, and much more.

4. Artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in advertising.

In 2018, many advertisers will turn to artificial intelligence to improve the tagging and increase the effectiveness of advertising.

By the end of 2018, almost 20% of business content will be automated using artificial intelligence.

5. Amazon will present major updates to its promotional tools and will become the third largest advertising force after Google and Facebook.

Applications and platforms: 5 forecasts

The market for platforms and applications will change significantly in 2018, experts believe.

Spreading the use of artificial intelligence in 2017 will lead to changes in consumer behavior in 2018.

Applications and platforms will become a powerful source of profit, while more and more quality content will be observed.

Based on these factors, experts made five major forecasts for applications and platforms in 2018.

1. Amazon will lose its leading position in the use of voice assistant.

The company has achieved a leading position in the market of voice assistants with the help of the development of Alexa.

However, according to experts, this year the market will see an increase in competition, in connection with which the company will lose its dominant position.

2. Apple will update its App Store, adding new offers there to get more profit from high quality applications.

Despite the fact that the App Store was the second most profitable Apple, there is a change in consumer behavior, changing habits and preferences.

That’s why the company will change the range of offers to satisfy its customers.

3. Entering the market for new VR helmets in 2018 will give a new impetus to the VR market, and will also stimulate sales growth of such devices.

Initially, the virtual reality market caused a huge hype among customers.

However, later disappointment appeared, since VR-devices were either expensive, but at the same time they gave an excellent image, or were more affordable, but the quality suffered.

At the moment, many large companies are trying to combine both customer requirements (price and quality), and, according to experts, the emergence of new products will spur interest in this market.

4. Companies will move away from mobile applications in favor of messengers and social applications.

Applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat and LINE, as well as applications for social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, are becoming more attractive to large companies than conventional mobile applications.

5. Facebook will bypass Apple and Google in the field of new developments.

Despite the fact that Facebook started as a social network, in recent years the company has made enormous efforts that turned it into a real platform.

The company creates more and more interesting tools that are in demand among consumers.

And the more such developments, the more time customers spend using tools related to the Facebook family.

Ecommerce: 5 Forecasts

In 2017, e-commerce has become an area for the introduction of a number of innovations, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality technology, multi-channel shopping.

Nevertheless, there are areas that still need improvement and improvement in 2018.

Below we present 5 forecasts, which were experts for the field of electronic commerce.

1. The merger of Amazon and Whole Foods is likely to spoil the reputation of Whole Foods, which will force Amazon to rebrand the network.

The purchase of a grocery store seemed like a good start for Amazon, but since then the prices for products in it have grown by 1.6%.

However, some buyers complain that this was followed by a decline in quality.

2. Alibaba will bring the Bachelor Day to the USA in 2018.

Alibaba received an incredible profit of $ 25.3 billion on Bachelor Day in 2017, more than double the volume of electronic sales on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in 2017 combined.

The bachelor day is becoming increasingly popular, especially in South-East Asia. It is possible that the US will celebrate this day.

3. A number of retailers and brands will update their mobile applications and websites.

It is predicted that online purchases will account for more than half of all trade by 2021.

That is why retailers and brands are trying to make their applications and sites more convenient.

4. Amazon will enter the pharmacology market.

Trade in pharmacology will require the company to obtain licenses in each state, so experts doubt that Amazon will be able to develop in this area throughout the country.

5. India will become a battleground for electronic commerce by mid-2018.

The rapid growth of electronic commerce in India could not but attract the attention of foreign companies.

India could become the first neutral territory, where Amazon and Alibaba will converge in the struggle for market share.

Payments: 5 forecasts

2017 was filled with competition in the field of payments. Companies working in the field of payment systems face many risks and strive to provide customers with better services.

The experts made 5 forecasts for this sector in 2018.

1. More and more large retailers will start taking crypto currency on the wave of consumer interest growth.

Crypto-currency, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, became particularly popular in 2017.

Bitcoin reached a maximum of $ 800 in 2016 and more than $ 19 thousand in 2017.

Nevertheless, only a few now accept crypto currency.

As the experts note, in the future this situation will improve.

2. As information storage becomes more and more vulnerable, companies working in the field of payments will enter into partnerships or buy companies that will ensure maximum information security.

3. Tools for digital money management, such as tools for budgeting and cost control, will be used by banks to attract a younger generation

Today, 53% of young people would rather trust such technology giants as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft , in the matter of financial services, according to a survey conducted in 2017 by the BI Intelligence team.

Experts predict that banks will try to win market share among the younger generation through the introduction of new tools.

4. Legislative standards will be weakened, which will create opportunities for growth in the sphere of banking and payments.

Experts believe that the situation with the legislation may change in 2018, which will lead to changes in the payment and banking market.

5. Amazon will take the leading position in the field of voice payments, which will create new growth opportunities.

According to the forecast, the introduction of voice payments Amazon will reach 10% in 2018. The development of Alexa – voice assistant – will be the basis for such payments.

Financial Technologies: 5 Forecasts

This sector received a strong development in 2017.

There was a very stable growth, as well as new opportunities that were opened thanks to new legislative standards that allowed developing new start-ups.

Below we will tell about 5 experts’ forecasts in this area.

1. Significant results of the partnerships in the field of financial technologies will be observed.

In the recent past, experts have observed an increase in the number of contracts and concluded partnerships between regulators and financial and technological centers.

In 2018 such agreements will begin to yield their results.

2. Financing around the world will reach $ 45 billion.

Experts note that corporate investments are expected to grow, as well as players in the financial sector.

3. Banking in an open format will lead to major disruptions, especially in Europe.

Compliance with the recently introduced regulations by banks will require compliance from a technical point of view, as well as certain efforts, so as not to lose customers.

In particular, banks have already begun testing their systems and changing strategies to attract new customers and retain old ones.

However, experts predict interruptions, since not all banks will be able to fulfill the requirements.

4. World regulators will restrain the boom of the initial issue of coins (ICO).

The initial issue of coins has become a popular way to attract investment, but it also caused complaints from regulators.

Experts note that in 2018 ICO will become a challenge.

5. In Latin America, there will be a real boom in the financial and technological area.

Until now, Latin America has not been among the major financial and technological centers, but experts believe that this region, especially Brazil, will become a major center for the development of technology.
Transport and logistics: 5 forecasts

The sphere of transport and logistics is also changing under the influence of digital trends.

Such changes experts observed during 2017, and, in their opinion, they will continue in 2018.

Increasingly, they began talking about unmanned vehicles, and in this market there are both established companies and newcomers.

And all the players somehow pointed out that in the near future their task will be to enter the market of unmanned taxi services.

Below we present 5 forecasts of experts in this field.

1. A real race in the field of unmanned vehicles will begin.

Automakers staged a real race, striving to bring their unmanned vehicles to the market as early as possible.

In 2018, according to experts, this race will end, and a real race will begin in which real unmanned vehicles will take part in the roads of cities around the world.

These cars will help create new business models and new sources of profit.

2. Uber will continue to expand its business in the US, but will lose market share.

This company has become one of the most controversial in the world in 2017, but its business in the US has grown rapidly.

Nevertheless, experts note that competitors are not slumbering, which means that this year the company will lose its share in the US market.

3. The introduction of standards in the use of drones will make a big step forward.

The use of drones in the US, especially for commercial use, was significantly limited by law.

In addition to obtaining special licenses, drones operators also had to obtain permits from the authorities of each state or city.

However, experts expect that this year the legislation will become softer, which will promote development in the field of the application of drones.

4. 2018 will be the year of sharp growth of start-ups in the field of logistics.


start-ups attracted a huge amount of investments in 2017. Experts expect that in 2018, rapid growth and development of this direction will begin.

5. Logistics, technology and finance companies will converge on the basis of block testing.

If earlier logistics companies only carried out research in this area, then, according to experts, in 2018 it will go to the stage of real testing, and in partnership with technology and finance companies, which will allow it to more successfully promote its services.