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Tehran calls on United Nations to stop attacks on Yemen and protect civilians

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) – Iran’s foreign ministry on Monday called for international efforts to protect civilians in Yemen, a day after dozens of people were killed and wounded in Yemen as a result of bombardment of an Arab coalition that hit a wedding in northern Yemen.

“The United Nations and the countries capable of influencing the Yemeni file should make immediate efforts to stop these attacks, as well as the use of plans and measures to protect the safety and security of civilians, especially women and children in Yemen,” the official IRNA news agency quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasimi as saying.

The spokesman pointed out that supplying some Western countries to Saudi Arabia, which leads the coalition, weapons “an irresponsible step.”

“The increased bombing of residential areas in Yemen is a sign of the aggressors’ feeling of failure and frustration because they have not reached the goals they planned.”

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, controlled by the Houthis, backed by Iran, in Yemen said that the result of the victims of the air bombing that hit a wedding in the area of ​​”Raqqa” Bani Qais under the pretext of rising to 20 dead and 40 wounded, all civilians.

So far, the Arab Alliance leadership has not issued any statement about the incident.