Testimonies of plane crash survivors: how to survive?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — After surviving fatal plane crashes, several people shared their stories that can serve as an example, says The Sun. Some councils saved their lives, while other passengers died in the disaster.

Some plane passengers who survived fatal air disasters have given advice on staying alive in accidents, reports The Sun.

Fetal position

One of the six people who survived a crash in the Colombian mountains in 2016 that killed 71 people, Erwin Tumiri, said he was in a fetal position at the time of the accident. He also placed a bag between his legs, while other passengers rose from their seats and began to shout.

Run away from the plane

Joani Feathers who remained alive after the collision of two planes at the airport of the island of Tenerife in 1977, survived the accident which was considered to be the worst air disaster in number of victims, namely 583 , before the September 11, 2001 attack.

On board Pan Am 747, Joani Feathers ran away from the aircraft without waiting for emergency services to arrive. “Quite simply, I didn’t want to burn,” she said, quoted by The Sun. She is one of the 61 survivors, the others died as a result of the fuel explosions.

Be attached to his seat

An extraordinary story happened in 1971, when a 17-year-old girl survived after a fall of 3,000 meters in altitude, caused by an airplane which broke up in the air during a thunderstorm. Staying attached to her seat, Juliane Koepcke fell into the Amazon jungle.

It is unknown how she managed to survive, however, according to a hypothesis cited by the British daily newspaper, the seats to which the girl was attached could have slowed the fall and served as a parachute. Juliane is the only survivor of this disaster which left 92 dead.

Clothes made of natural fibers

During a 1989 Iowa flight disaster that claimed 112 lives, one of 184 survivors, Upton Rehnberg, said that a blanket had kept him alive for the fire that started on board.

He was dressed in a polyester shirt which started to melt, burning his chest. Then he put a blanket over his head to prevent being burned by the fuel. He said he has been wearing a natural fiber hoodie since the accident, when he is flying, which can be life-saving.

Read the instructions

One of the passengers of the Airbus A320, which performed the miracle of the Hudson in 2009, landing on the river, admitted to having read the instructions several times when the emergency declared. During the accident, 155 people survived, but 83 were injured.


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