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“The Big Seven” advocated the preservation of anti-Russian sanctions

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) – “Minister Freeland and other Foreign Ministers of the G-7 confirmed their common commitment to a world order based on the norms of international law, including on the issue of territorial integrity.” Restrictive measures against Russia for unacceptable actions on Ukraine will remain,” the report said.

Representatives of G7 also expressed a unified position on the Ukrainian issue and agreed to support Ukraine.

Relations between Russia and Western countries deteriorated against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis and the emergence of the Crimea by the Russian region. The West accused Moscow of interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine and imposed sanctions.

Crimea became the Russian region in 2014 following the results of a referendum held on the peninsula after a coup in Ukraine. More than 96 percent of voters in the Crimea and more than 95 percent of residents of Sevastopol voted for membership in Russia.