The coronavirus prophecy found in 1981 book

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Conspirologists found a prophecy about the coronavirus epidemic in 1981’s novel by the famous American science fiction writer Dean Koontz, Eyes of Darkness.

According to the plot of the work, a dangerous virus leaks from a secret laboratory in Wuhan, where it was developed as a biological weapon.

On this coincidence with reality ends. In the novel, the virus can infect only humans and infects the brain. In the description of the pathogen, there are factual errors, in particular about the life of the bacterium that causes syphilis.

Wuhan 400 is the ultimate weapon. It affects only people. No other living creature can become its carrier.

Like syphilis, Wuhan-400 does not live longer than a minute outside the carrier, ”the book says. However, a fantastic infection is very dangerous – “much worse than Ebola.”

At the same time, Kunz is right in choosing Wuhan as a place for infection to leak – there are research centers and laboratories and, according to some, the Japanese kept biological weapons.

“Clever, insightful writers — like Kunz — knew all this and used this little piece of factual information to create a story that was both convincing and disturbing,” explains Albert Wang, the owner of a bookstore in Hong Kong.

He probably did not read the first edition of the novel – there the virus was bred in Russia and was called Gorki-400. The epicenter of the outbreak was moved by the writer to China in the 2000s. In this edition, he came out in Russian.


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