The doctor said when chest pain speaks of cancer

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — If pain occurs in any part of the body, you should carefully consider them and not ignore the body’s signals, obstetrician-gynecologist Ekaterina Zhumanova said on the air of the Russia 1 television channel.

She explained that pain in the area of ​​the mammary glands can occur for various reasons. One of them is improperly selected underwear.

In addition, the chest can be sore due to mastopathy – benign formations in the mammary gland, in some cases associated with various hormonal changes.

If the pain is accompanied by fever in certain parts of the chest, swelling, redness, it is important to immediately consult a doctor. These symptoms can indicate the presence of a woman with thrombophlebitis of the saphenous veins of the breast.

The doctor added that pain can also signal a cyst.

“This disease often happens and accompanies fibrocystic mastopathy,” Zhumanova said, adding that in this case a biopsy is necessary.

In cancer, chest pain rarely becomes the first symptom. However, if the patient irregularly palpates the mammary glands, the tumor is large enough and violates the venous outflow, then a pain syndrome may appear.

“This is usually in neglected cases,” said Tatyana Shapovalenko, head doctor of the MEDSI clinical hospital.

Symptoms of cancer can also include discharge from the nipples, a change in the skin on the chest and its color, as well as swelling.


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