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The emergency landing of an Il-38 Indian army (VIDEO)

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) – The video showing the landing of an Indian army Ilyushin II-38 anti-submarine warplane at Zhukovsky airfield, not far from Moscow, was posted on YouTube.

An Ilyushin Il-38 Indian armed forces made this Saturday an emergency landing in Zhukovsky, a suburb of Moscow. A video posted on YouTube allows you to watch it online.

The video shows the plane landing, as well as emergency services cars deployed on the scene. In addition, we hear the voices of airport staff.

Seven people reportedly boarded the aircraft on a scheduled flight after maintenance. The emergency landing took place without any fire being declared on the spot, indicates the aeronautical group.

The Ilyushin Il-38 (NATO code: May) is a Russian anti-submarine warfare and maritime patrol aircraft developed in the 1950s from Ilyushin Il-18 civilian. It is intended to search for and destroy submarines, to carry out reconnaissance missions and rescue operations, and to drop mines.