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The growth of China’s economy continued in 2018

CHINA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áMost of China’s economic growth shifted to Q1 2018, according to a Reuters poll.

At the same time, as the agency notes, the fight against the financial risks of the PRC government and with air pollution has somewhat weakened.

Beijing seeks to maintain the economic situation unchanged, even when the country is facing growing trade tensions with its largest trading partner, the US, which could affect cross-border trade of billions of dollars.

A survey of 60 economists showed that the growth of gross domestic product slightly decreased to 6.7% in the first quarter compared to a 6.8% growth in the previous two quarters.

At the beginning of the year, analysts predicted that in the I quarter there will be a decline to 6.6%.

The consensus forecast shows that growth remained at a comfortable level of around 6.5% during the year, which could give policymakers more confidence in increasing efforts to reduce risks in the financial system and clean up the environment.

China’s economic data this year indicate a steady, albeit slightly slow, growth compared with 2017. At the same time, industrial production indicates growth, despite monitoring the amount of harmful emissions.