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The Guardian: All elements of world wars are visible in Syria

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áCommenting on the situation in Syria, the writer Simon Jenkins commented on the fact that those who look at what is happening there have no difficulty in seeing all the factors that led to the world wars, and it is hard to believe that the leaders of the West are making this rise as big as if they did not They learn something from history.

The writer criticized this, saying he did not hear a single Syrian expert explain how hitting the country with missiles would push the cause of peace forward or make its “dictator” Bashar al-Assad back down.

He thought that would only destroy the buildings and perhaps kill the people, and he considered it a pure populism reflected in the resonant speech that Trump broadcast through his increasingly strange tweets.

He added that the time to punish the Syrian leadership is when the war ends, and that external intervention will not make a difference in the conflict except to postpone the end, which compounded the severity of the matter.

Jenkins said the crisis was already showing the familiar precursors of a reckless conflict in which the hysterical language would emerge with the military machinery, seeking justification for violence rather than avoiding it.

All this points to the weakness of the foundations of international peace when the balance of power is disrupted, and nothing in the current situation of the world deserves to face a superpower.

In this first crisis in Western-Eastern relations since the Cold War , it seems that we must rely on Russia – not the United States – to show patience and restraint. This is an ominous horizon.