The largest explosions in the world in 2007 – 2019

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — The largest explosions in the world in 2007 – 2019.


On December 28, a car bomb exploded in Mogadishu (Somalia) . More than 90 people became victims.

On December 13, in the eastern Afghan province of Ghazni, as a result of a roadside mine explosion, ten people died and six were injured. A minibus, in which there were many civilians, driving along a dusty road between the Jagato and Di-Yak districts in Ghazni, drove into a makeshift explosive device (IED), which led to an explosion.

On October 7, at least 10 people were killed in Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan, more than 20 people were injured in an explosion while trying to blow up a bus.

On August 31, an explosion occurred in Kunduz in northern Afghanistan . Killed 15 people, six of them were members of the security forces. Also 11 people were injured, including civilians.

On August 17, in the west of Kabul (Afghanistan) at least 40 people were killed, more than a hundred were injured in an explosion during a wedding celebration . The device powered a suicide bomber.

On July 1, in Benue in southeastern Nigeria, a fuel truck pulled off the road and capsized. After that, local residents ran up to him to collect fuel oozing from him. At this time, the fuel truck exploded. As a result, 50 people died and 70 were injured.

On the morning of June 24, in Kazakhstan, in the arsenal near the village of Arts, where 44.3 thousand people live, a fire occurred, which caused the rupture of part of the ammunition. The city was evacuated. As a result of the state of emergency, three people died, 165 sought medical help, 89 of them were hospitalized.

On June 22, ten people died as a result of a gas pipeline explosion in River State in southern Nigeria. At the time of the accident, several employees of the energy company worked near the gas pipeline.

June 1 afternoon in the workshop for the production of TNT in the State Research Institute “Crystal” in Dzerzhinsk there were several explosions. After that, a fire broke out, its area was 800 square meters at the facilities of the plant and 400 square meters in the adjacent forest.

According to the Russian Ministry of Health, after the explosions at the plant, 89 people turned for medical help – 44 plant workers and 45 city residents.

On the night of May 6, in the capital of Niger, Niamey, near a city airport, a gas tanker turned over. A few minutes after the accident, it exploded. At this time, local residents, mainly women and adolescents, had already begun to collect fuel flowing from the tank. The blast killed 56 people.

On April 14, an oil tank truck exploded on a Bomala bridge in a state of Gomba in northeastern Nigeria after a collision with a truck. As a result of the explosion, 12 people died, 15 were injured. A power outage also occurred in the area, as the tank entered the power line.

On March 31, in China, in a village in Bazhou County, Langfang City District, Hebei Province, a gas cylinder exploded during a funeral. The source of the leak that caused the explosion was the old connecting hose, with which the cylinder was attached to the stove. Because of the incident 66 people were injured.

March 21 in China at the chemical plant “Jiangsu Tianjiao” in the territory of the chemical industrial park “Chentszyagan” County Syanshuy City District Yancheng explosion. It was so powerful that the Chinese seismic agency recorded an earthquake of magnitude 2.2 and a depth of 0 meters in the same province. 78 people were killed, 617 were injured.

On February 4, 18 people died as a result of a methane explosion at a coal mine in the southern African province of Mpumalanga . A group of 42 people from Lesotho entered the mine to steal equipment. At this time, the methane tank in the mine exploded.

Initially, according to survivors, 20 people were able to get out of the mine and pull out two more, but then a group of “about 4 to 6 people” returned to the mine to help others, but could not reach the surface.

The mine did not function for four months, and ventilation and electricity systems did not work there.
On January 18, a massive explosion occurred on the large Tuspan-Tula pipeline in the Mexican state of Hidalgo.

This happened at a time when at least 350 local residents gathered at the site of the illegal tapping to collect gas in cans and cans. As a result of the accident , 134 people were killed, 68 of them on the spot.


On December 31, in Magnitogorsk, as a result of an explosion of domestic gas, one of the entrances of a ten-story residential building collapsed. The rescue operation was carried out for four days, 39 people were removed from the rubble.

On February 16, in the Indian city of Beawar, a gas cylinder was blown up in the house where the wedding was celebrated. As a result, the building collapsed. 18 people died, another 18 were injured.


On October 31, there was an explosion at a coal mine in Chongqing Municipality in southwest China, which killed 33 miners. The cause of the tragedy was negligence in the work process. The mine used outdated, unusable or faulty equipment, and there was no normal ventilation.

On May 31, an explosion occurred in an ammunition depot in the Indian state of Maharashtra and a major fire occurred. 17 people were killed, another 19 were injured.

On February 25, in the Severnaya mine in Vorkuta , two explosions occurred with an interval of about an hour , which provoked a collapse and a fire.

The accident occurred at a depth of 748 meters. In the following days, the number of explosions exceeded five. At the time of the accident, 110 people were in the mine, 80 of them were brought to the surface. 36 people were killed, including five mountain rescuers.


On March 4, an explosion occurred at the Zasyadko mine in the territory of the self-proclaimed DPR, 33 miners were killed, 16 were injured.


On July 31, in Kaohsiung City in southwestern Taiwan, a propylene gas leak occurred on a gas pipeline. In the city there were at least five explosions that caused the collapse of the roadway. A series of underground explosions claimed the lives of 24 people, about 270 more people were injured.

On January 26, 20 people died and another 50 were injured in an explosion at an arms depot in the Democratic Republic of the Congo . Because of a lightning strike, a fire broke out in a warehouse in the city of Mbuji-Mayi, and then an explosion occurred.


On January 31 , an explosion occurred in a high-rise building of the Mexican oil company Pemex, located in the capital of the country. The death toll reached 37 people, more than 100 people were injured. The explosion occurred in the basement as a result of leakage and accumulation of gas.


On the night of May 9, two explosions occurred at a four-hour interval at the Raspadskaya coal mine in the Kemerovo Region. As a result of the accident, 91 people died, 99 people sought medical help.


On March 19, a methane explosion occurred at the Ulyanovskaya mine in the Kemerovo region. At the time of the accident, 203 people were underground. A methane explosion caused 108 miners to die.


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