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The last article by Stephen Hawking about the device of the Universe is published

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe editorial board of the Journal of High Energy Physics published an article by Stephen Hawking , written ten days before the death of the legendary physicist.

The last work of the scientist, made in co-authorship with his Belgian counterpart Thomas Hertog, is devoted to the design of the universe, the Guardian reports.

In his last work, Hawking claims that there can be several universes, but they are all alike. The number of existing universes can be calculated, the scientist believes.

The authors develop a theory that Hawking and his colleague James Hartl formulated back in the 1980s. According to the famous theoretical physicist, the cosmos is not infinite, everything has clear boundaries, size and structure.

However, according to physicists, the devices of necessary accuracy, which are needed to test their theory, have not yet been invented.

Shortly there are two more articles about black holes, written in co-authorship with Hawking. Above them work Malcolm Perry from Cambridge and Andrew Strominger of Harvard.

According to the theory of the origin of the universe, after the big bang, “cosmic inflation” occurred. It contributed to the formation of a large number of galaxies and stars, which formed a multiverse. The laws of physics in such universes differ significantly.

Hawking contests this concept. According to the physicist, the key phenomenon capable of shedding light on the nature of the origin of the universe will be the study of gravitational waves in remote regions of the cosmos.