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The targets of the US attacks were military bases in Damascus and a research center

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – Several army bases and a research center have become targets of missile strikes by the United States and its allies, Western media reported on Saturday referring to eyewitnesses close to the Syrian opposition. According to them, we are talking about objects located in Damascus. The consequences of these attacks have not yet been reported.

The Syrian army has air defense systems of Soviet and Russian production: S-200, Buk and some others.

In 2011, it was reported that Syria bought from Russia 36 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems “Pantsir-C1.”

Earlier, the Russian expert, vice president of the Academy of Military Sciences Sergei Modestov told Interfax that the US will not attack Russian facilities in Syria, in response, the Russian military will not choose US ships and planes as targets.

“The option that Americans intentionally strike in Syria at the facility where our servicemen are located, I exclude,” he said last Wednesday.

Modestov believes that Russian air defense means will probably help the Syrians in repelling an American strike.

“We will not touch American carriers, we can shoot rockets on approach to the objects of destruction, but why should we destroy, for example, an American destroyer, if the US does not hit our targets?”, He said.

According to S.Modestov, the accidental hit of US missiles by Russian military in Syria is possible. “But it will be just an accidental episode, there will hardly be anything more than a note of protest, there will not be a global conflict, the US is very much afraid of a direct clash with Russia,” said the vice president of the Academy of Military Sciences.