The woman is artificial, but true love

CHINA (OBSERVATORY) – In China, there are 30 million more men than women. – For years, the policy of “one family – one child” has led to gender imbalance, then these changes have surfaced in a place hidden from idle eyes – the sex industry. And more precisely – in the part where the imitators of a sexual partner appear instead of living people – sex dolls.

On the Internet, violent color blooms the sale of sex dolls or “lolit”, as they are sometimes called. Earlier, China has already become their largest producer, and now has taken the lead in terms of the number of users. Due to the delicate nature of this market, it is not possible to establish its exact scope. According to experts, Chinese people buy sex dolls of all sorts and suits in the amount of about 60 billion Danish kroner.

As follows from the report on the sex market in China for 2015, compiled by the Chinese portal Alibaba, two-thirds of the dolls are bought by men between the ages of 18 and 29. Market research was required by the portal after the number of websites for the sale of sex accessories alone jumped to 2,500.

The first Chinese sex shop was opened in Beijing in 1993. Despite the full legality, there was no special advertising campaign. Then many still felt embarrassed to visit such institutions – however, many are still not at ease.

“Sex toys are simply created for the Internet,” Lin Dangng, founder of the Chuishuitang portal, one of the leaders of this direction, told News China.

In 2015, he earned about 80 million Danish kroner (774 million rubles) , launching a new line of sex accessories, including a collection of designer dildos. And if before the highlight of the market were exactly the dildos for women, now the palm of primacy was taken away from sex dolls for men. According to “Taobao”, one of the largest Chinese trade portals, sex dolls make up about 20% of the sex toys market. According to “News China”, one unnamed online store only for November 11, the day of sales, sold on a sex doll every minute. In total, 1,500 dolls were sold per day.

The policy of “one family – one child”

The population of China is 1.4 billion people – the first place in the world. Due to the policy of one child per family, the structure of the population of China is one of the most unbalanced in the world. On average, there are 108 men per 100 women, but this proportion varies from province to province. So, for example, in Jianxi for 100 women there are already 138 men. In general, this ratio in the world is 100/105. In the age group, 15-64 men in China are 33 million more than women.

It is expected that this ratio will grow even more in the coming years, since boys under the age of 15 in the country are 20 million more than girls. The reason for this imbalance is that the heir in China for many years could only be a man. Therefore, families were allowed to have a second child, if the first child was born.

This policy has led to the fact that few of the generation of men under the age of 40 have younger sisters. Either they are the only children in the family, or they have older sisters. Recently, the country’s leadership has decided to move away from the policy of one child per family.

– Dolls for rent –

Inspired by the idea of ​​joint consumption, the portal Ta Qu (Ta Qu) launched last September the rental of sex dolls. For a modest $ 45 per day, customers were offered to choose from five models: a Greek woman in a bikini, an American miracle woman, a Korean housewife, a Russian teenage girl or a cheerleader from Hong Kong. Despite the assurances that all intimate parts will be replaced after each client, the authorities decided that this was too much, and covered the site in just four days of work.

And yet on the Chinese sites you can find sex dolls of all imaginable and inconceivable types. The cost varies from 500 to 8,000 Danish kroner.

And if the first dolls were dumb girlfriends for bachelor pleasures, modern models have gone far ahead. They are able to talk, have a face recognition function and are controlled using a mobile phone. The most heaped of them cost up to 50 000 kroner (483 000 rubles) , but they have not yet learned how to vacuum and wash dishes.

In China, up to 90% of the world market of sex toys, including Realistic Sex Dolls, is produced – which are sold there as well.

Currently, manufacturers are experimenting with might and main with new technologies and design delights. As for the materials, the most heated debate is that it is better, silicone or elastomer thermoplastic, alloy rubber with plastic. Both of these materials have a lot of supporters.

In an article for Foreign Policy magazine, journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Mei Fong writes about a factory called Hitdoll, where the work on the perfect product was conducted for three years. During this time, a whole test laboratory was created at the Guangdong University. As experimental rabbits, male students performed, and the advertising slogan was: “Artificial dolls, true love”.

On this unexpected similar effect of the policy of one child on the family, she stumbled upon the work on her book, later awarded international awards.

“To my surprise, the” testers “were very friendly and even began to meet regularly to go to a cafe and sing in karaoke. Their club on interests even has received the name “Кавайи”, this Japanese expression name pretty girls “, – she tells.

And yet, according to Mei Fong, in the love relationship of a person with a doll, many lack a spark.

At first, many complained that the prototypes are too rigid, cold and lifeless, she says. The manager of the company remembers this review: “Your doll is as cold as a corpse.”