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There is no evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, other than “al Qaeda sources”

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY via SPUTNIK) –┬áThe West continues to accuse the Syrian authorities of having used a chemical weapon in Eastern Ghouta without presenting the slightest evidence. Turkish political observer Caglar Tekin comments on the situation for Sputnik.

After last year’s bombardment of Syrian air base Shayrat as an answer to Damascus, accused of using sarin gas against civilians, Pentagon chief James Mattis acknowledged the absence of any evidence the use of this chemical weapon by the Syrian army, Sputnik reminded the Turkish political scientist Caglar Tekin.

“We are seeing a similar situation today. This time again, Mattis accuses Damascus of chemical attack, and this time again, the West has no valid proof. All he has is what is said by al Qaeda sources that a chemical weapon has been used in Eastern Ghouta. No other sources,” said the interlocutor of the agency.

And to point out that the Syrian army had no reason to launch a chemical weapon attack.

“As even before all these allegations, the Syrian army has released 95% of the eastern Ghouta from jihadists, it is understandable that the Syrian authorities had no interest in using a chemical weapon,” said Tekin.

According to him, in seven years of Syrian conflict, there has been more than one statement on the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian military, but no evidence has been presented so far.

“At the moment, when the Syrian authorities’ struggle against the jihadists was almost completed by the victory of the government troops, Damascus obviously had no reason to use a chemical weapon, especially since France the United Kingdom and the United States were constantly threatening him with a firm response to such a move,” Sputnik’s interlocutor concluded.