Theresa May presented 3 legal grounds for the attack in the Syrian

UNITED KINGDOM (OBSERVATORY) –¬†British Prime Minister Teresa May, speaking in Parliament, presented three criteria, which, she said, became the legal basis for striking Syria.

“This is not an intervention in an armed conflict and it is not an attempt to change the regime in Syria. This is a limited blow in order to end the suffering of the Syrian population by eliminating the possibility of the Syrian government to use chemical weapons. And we published the legal grounds for this operation, “she said.

The Premier presented three criteria during the speech, which were used as a legal basis.

“First, there must be convincing evidence, accepted by the international community as a whole, an emergency humanitarian situation in Syria, which requires immediate intervention. Secondly, it should be objectively clear that there is no alternative to this kind of intervention. Finally, the use of force must be necessary to save lives and limited in scale and time, “added May.

She recalled that such criteria were used as a legal basis “for the participation of Britain in the intervention of UN forces in Kosovo in the 90’s.”

May assured that the attack on Syria was limited and point-like.

On April 14, the Armed Forces of the United States, Britain and France dealt a blow to Syria.