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Third World War: nuclear or economic?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – There is a widespread misconception that the next world war, if it happens, will inevitably be a nuclear war. And this will be the end of everything that we know.

Many are concerned about the idea of ​​the Third World War and the thought that it “will help start everything from scratch,” creating the preconditions for a positive resurgence of man from the ashes. However, most likely, everything will develop completely differently. There is a much more accurate and effective weapon than nuclear weapons in the arsenal of the globalists’ establishment that manipulate political systems in different countries.

For example, the use of a militarized economy and false paradigms. The conflict between East and West was designed, and this conflict should be primarily economic.

The excitement and fear of a potential nuclear war distract from the much more real threat of an organized financial war between East and West (as well as regional proxy wars in Syria and North Korea). It is important to remember that in all wars there are always bankers’ wars, that is, almost all wars benefit international financiers, creating an environment for the centralization of wealth and political power. This, as a rule, confuses some analysts and activists of the freedom movement.

There is a strange obsession with these people about the idea that there is a true division at the international level and that it involves the eastern governments, on the one hand, and the globalist governments on the other. It is difficult to imagine something more remote from the truth.

Given that the same globalists and institutions that govern Western finances and politics also have positions of influence in countries such as Russia and China, it is difficult to believe that there is some sort of “separation” in the relevant power structures in the upper echelons of power.

Russia and China fully support institutions controlled by globalism, such as the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The governments of both countries called on the IMF to defend the possibility of developing SDRs as a basis for creating a new world reserve currency system. Russia and China want the IMF, controlled by globalism, to actually start managing a new global monetary structure.

This call for a complete change in the world monetary system was not perceived as seriously as it should, primarily because the main economists claim that there is no alternative to the US dollar. However, this is no longer the case.

With the advent of crypto currency and easy ability to track the blocking mechanism of globalists, now there is an ideal tool for replacing the dollar as a world reserve currency. All they need now is a crisis event that will make it possible to hide this transition. That is, the masses must be distracted by a projected disaster theater. This would create the appropriate level of fear and confusion needed to change the full spectrum in the world financial systems without sufficient resistance from the population.

It would seem that now the crisis event is realized in the form of an international “trade war”. This “trade war” should become so widespread that sooner or later it will grow into a “world war”.

China is preparing to move away from the US dollar at least since 2005, when it began issuing bonds in yuan. At the time, this idea was perceived as a joke. Now it is not so, as China has increased its liquidity by trillions over the past 13 years, using various instruments expressed in RMB, and now even launched oil futures in RMB. This created what is called the oil-well market. Yuan oil futures are traded around the world, and given the fact that China is the largest importer / exporter in the world, it will only take a short time before many of China’s trading partners move from the dollar to the yuan to exchange.

All this will end with the ultimate game in the development of the “trade war”. It will be a complete collapse of the dollar as a result of the actions of China and its allies. If there is evidence that China is stopping purchases of US Treasury bonds, this action may come much sooner than many believe. Skeptics continue to argue that China will never leave the US and the dollar, but that’s what’s happening now.

With regard to distraction, activities in the field of “trade war” are very effective. For example, over the past few months, there has been a strange relationship between the Fed’s statements about raising interest rates and reducing the balance and declaring Donald Trump about imposing tariffs against China and other countries. Almost every case where the Fed’s actions accelerate the fall of stock markets (for example, last week, when Jerome Powell announced an increase in interest rates and a further reduction in the balance sheet), Trump announces more aggressive tariffs.

The media automatically accuses Trump and the “trade war” of stock market instability, completely ignoring the direct relationship between the Fed, which removes artificial support from stock markets, and their continued decline. The central banks have created a massive “bubble” in the market, now they are trying to blow it up and they want them not to be hurt themselves. It seems Trump helps them in this regard.

Even now, alternative economists and their followers do not understand what is happening. People who still believe that the Fed’s actions are a “policy mistake” that bankers do not know what they are doing and that they will ultimately change course and will again feed the growth of stocks. My question is: for what reason?

In the midst of panic during the “trade war”, international financiers can largely do whatever they want. The whole future catastrophe can be shifted to the shoulders of a huge number of scapegoats. Some people will blame Donald Trump and the conservatives who voted for him. Some people will blame China and Russia for our problems. Others will blame “capitalism” and “free markets” in the crisis, although we have not used truly free markets for more than a century. But very few will accuse the global banks.

The globalists will blame everything for the “selfishness” of “nationalism” and will call for the creation of a world economic system built on a single world monetary system.

In many ways, the world economic war can be much more catastrophic than nuclear war. In the event of an economic collapse, many people may die very quickly, as the trade infrastructure will be closed, but the damage will be centrally controlled by the financial elite.

Wealth can be moved to any number of assets anywhere in the world, so the idea that globalists have something to lose in this scenario is pretty naive. At the same time, banks plan to squeeze even more opportunities for existing organizations, such as the IMF. As some countries suffer from economic collapse, globalist institutions will only grow.

In a nuclear war there is only pandemonium. In the conditions of an economic war, centralized domination is possible. The biggest catastrophe will not be the tragedy of mass unemployment, the fall of infrastructure, the loss of monetary stability or the reliable production of food and energy supplies.

No, the greatest calamity will be the continued prosperity of banking conglomerates and central banks, as huge parts of the world collapse. The biggest catastrophe will be what happens after the collapse – the consolidation of the “new world order” if the bank elites can not be exposed as a real catalyst for the next world war.