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This Russian submarine power leaves the US behind

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – A scientific journal showed the Russian submarines which are the source of a particular concern of the United States. According to this media, the US fleet is outpaced by that of Russia on several levels.

The Popular Mechanics newspaper published an article detailing Russian “submarine power”. According to this media, the Russian fleet has 72 submarines, including nuclear submarines launchers, submarines cruise missile launchers and special operations aircraft.

Journalists paid particular attention to Borei-class ships with 16 Bulava missiles and those in the Delta III / IV class equipped with Sineva missiles.

According to this article, the submarine most “particularly worrying” is the Sarov that the authors of the articles suspect of serving as a test platform for a new torpedo supposed to attack coastal objects with thermonuclear warheads of 100 megatons . This submarine was launched in December 2007.

Unlike the United States, which has only nuclear submarines, Russia has nuclear and diesel-electric nuclear submarines. In addition, the Russian fleet has one more submarine than the US.