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Tonight, planets are giving the Earth a unique show

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áIn the night of May 2 to 3, after midnight, looking at the sky, you will have to hold your breath. Six heavenly bodies have given a spectacular surprise to those who like to contemplate the night sky.

A mini-parade of planets will take place on the night of May 2nd to 3rd. Six celestial bodies, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, the old Moon, Alpha Virginis and Antares, will line up on the southern horizon.

It is at 00:00 UTC, that we can best contemplate this parade, according to information provided by the Moscow Planetarium.

Alpha Virginis and Jupiter will appear just after midnight on the horizon. Antares, the old moon, Saturn and Mars will join them after 23:00 UTC.

The parade of planets is an astronomical phenomenon in which four planets are found on the same side of the Sun, not too far apart. It is Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.

The alignment of the planets in the night of May 2nd to 3rd can only be described as a mini-parade, because only three planets will form it, accompanied by the Moon and two stars.