Tribunal in Egypt has previously sentenced 36 extremists to execution

EGYPT (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe military tribunal of Egypt pronounced on Tuesday the death sentence of 36 accused of attacking the Coptic churches in 2016 and 2017, the Egyptian state publication Al-Akhbar reported.

According to the Egyptian law, in order to reach a final verdict, the court must obtain the opinion of the mufti of Egypt.

According to Al-Ahbar, the final verdict will be announced on May 15.

In total, 48 people are taking part in this case. They are accused of belonging to the Egyptian cells of the terrorist group “Islamic State” and organizing and carrying out attacks on the Egyptian churches.

The investigation into these episodes was conducted by the High Public Prosecutor’s Office of State Security, which deals with especially important cases.

A powerful explosion thundered on December 11, 2016 in the cathedral complex in Abbasia in Cairo, where several churches are located, including the cathedral, where the Coptic patriarch usually serves. As a result of the explosion, 27 people were killed and 49 were injured. Responsibility for the terrorist attack was assumed by the terrorist group IS.

Two explosions have thundered in two churches of Egypt on April 9, 2017 with a difference of several hours. In the main church of the city of Tanta killed about 30 people, about 80 were injured.

The blast was carried out by a suicide bomber who went to church during his service. Later, a second suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to the church in the city of Alexandria, where at this time was the Patriarch of the Coptic Church Theodore (Tawadros) II. Among the 18 killed in this terrorist attack are four police officers who stopped the suicide bomber and did not let him into the church, which allowed to avoid more victims.