Trump again failed to return the military home

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — US President Trump in one of his tweets said: “We are returning our soldiers home,” referring to American forces in Syria. Then a strange event occurred, and Trump removed this phrase from a tweet. US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper (Mark Esper) said that about a thousand US troops stationed in northern Syria will be deployed to the western regions of Iraq.

In other words, Trump again does not return (or cannot return) the soldier home.

There are forces in Washington opposing Trump’s initiative to pull the US military out of Syria and Afghanistan. The inter-party coalition is trying to dissuade the American president. Recall that the Trump administration conducted peaceful negotiations with the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation – approx. Ed.) . However, the American leader suddenly abruptly interrupted the negotiation process, explaining that the Taliban attacked US troops. But, apparently, the negotiation process is simply temporarily frozen. On Sunday, October 20, Esper unexpectedly set off for Afghanistan. He stressed that the United States will reduce by almost a third the size of its military in this country, where currently 14,000 US troops are located, but this reduction will be part of the agreement with the Taliban.

Another surprise happened that day: Nancy Pelosi, President of the US House of Representatives, visited Afghanistan with her delegation. The delegation included the heads of the intelligence, foreign affairs and national security committees. Member of the Armed Forces Committee Mac Thornberry was the only Republican. The same delegation to Afghanistan visited Jordan. It is clear that these visits were aimed at discussing Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan. It should also be noted that the chairpersons of the intelligence and foreign affairs committees Adam Schiff and Eliot Engel are among the key figures in the investigation as part of imminent impeachment of President Trump.

Even if the House of Representatives, where Democrats make up the majority, decides to impeach, this decision must be approved by the Senate, where Republicans are in the majority. For impeachment to take place, 67 out of 100 senators need votes. Republicans occupy 53 seats. A situation in which Democrats get the support of 20 Republicans seems unlikely. Nevertheless, some Republican senators who do not want the withdrawal of the US military from Syria can send the investigation of impeachment into a problem for Trump.

The investigation can be used as a means of stopping the implementation of Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

So Republican Senators Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham in recent days have intensified criticism of Trump. Romney very sharply criticizes the fact that Trump called on Ukraine and China to investigate the business ties of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden (Joe Biden) and his son Hunter (Hunter) with these countries. This issue is also part of the impeachment investigation.

The following fact is also noteworthy: Senator Graham hinted that he could change his attitude towards the impeachment investigation if evidence of violations in Trump’s actions against the president of Ukraine appears. Until that moment, Graham stood up for Trump. It seems that after Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria, Graham changed his mind.

Graham and Romney, who consider it their duty above all to protect the interests of Israel, are among the Republican heavyweights. Senator Graham considers US withdrawal from Syria as a dangerous event for Israel. And openly talks about it.

Thus, if, for example, 51 senators vote in the course of the Senate impeachment vote, for example, 51 senators will vote, this will not entail legal consequences, but can cause serious political damage. Democrats will use this development to bring Trump to exhaustion while he prepares for the 2020 election.

Perhaps that is why Trump decided to remove the tweet about the withdrawal of soldiers from Syria. Then it’s clear why the dominant circles that advocate American interventionism continue to use the inter-party pressure mechanism to force Trump to abandon the decision to withdraw troops.


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