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Trump describes former FBI director as “liar”

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – US President Donald Trump has called former US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director James Coomy a “liar” and accused him of leaking classified information.

Almost everyone in Washington felt that he should be sacked for his terrible performance before he was actually fired, Trump wrote in a tweet on Twitter on social networking.

“He was lying to Congress after the oath,” he said. “He is a dirty, weak and false man and he was a terrible director of the FBI.”

Trump Koumi was accused of poor performance in the investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Trump’s contest in the last presidential election.

This comes against the backdrop of the publication of American media extracts from the memoirs of James Komi, which is expected to see the light next week, where he revealed some details of his talks with Trump, and also criticized Trump and his management.

In his memoirs, Komi described the current US president as “a professional liar and close associates of him to rules of loyalty reminiscent of the way the Mafia leaders adopt them.” Trump also describes him as “obsessed with inappropriate details relating to his character.”

Komi has been the director of the FBI in the administration of former US President Barack Obama since 2013. Trump was fired by him in May 2017, citing Komi’s inability to perform his duties.